What is Worcreate all about?

It’s not about me. It’s not about the other. It’s about us.

Worcreate is not someone. It’s not just a logo. It’s not just a platform.

Worcreate is a way of thinking. A way of working. Together.

"If you play the game, play to win. Take it seriously, yet not too serious."



Work together to create enduring meaning, value and fun.



A platform to combine knowledge, offer and find knowledge and skill, create a network of friends and colleagues, ask questions and find answers.



Enhance quality, create new business opportunities, save time, get on demand knowledge, earn money and turn dreams into reality.

You were designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness.

Zig Ziglar

The Worcreate Vision

Working together.

Just like the universe, our knowledge is expanding rapidly. Where in the old days one had to study for a few years and could know everything about that one topic, we now spend over a quarter of our lives in school. Therefore, especially towards the future, it is unthinkable that just ONE individual could know everything about all different fields of expertise. Where the product demand requires more and more fusions of these fields of expertise. Nowadays a robot isn’t just cold mechanics, it’s electronics and software as well. One product demands more and more input from different disciplines to keep up with the market demand. The code-word herein is teamwork. How to find the right people who are willing to work with and for you. Goethe’s Mephistopheles put it this way: “If I can count on six stallions, isn’t their horsepower mine to use?”.  A network of people with knowledge and vision becomes growingly important to produce a high standard product or service. Teamwork is not the only necessity to innovate and to develop, there is also the importance of the social aspect. Our work determines who we are and what we put into this world. Our colleagues are our mirrors through which we see ourselves. Working together and having fun is the foundation for success, even more so if one wants to come up with new, ground-breaking ideas.

We work to create.

Everybody has questions. We live in a world wherein knowledge increasingly determines who you are and what you do. In this knowledge driven economy there is a growing demand for people who can think outside the box and combine the knowledge of multiple disciplines. These hybrid thinkers are the people who not just cling to one study, or a trick they once learned in a grey and distant past. Fewer people work for one boss their entire life and an increasing amount of people start their own business or side hustle. They want to work for their own vision, for their own ambitions, not for the vision of the the people in charge. Moreover, established companies try to haul in the smartest and brightest minds, but the people who really want to make a difference do not pledge alliance to a boss or a company. They don’t work for money or some bureaucratic game of power. They have a vision, a dream. Something they want to leave behind. The following questions arise: how and where can I offer my skills and services in a market based on knowledge? How do I collect the skills needed to articulate my ideas into this world? How do I find the people I need in order to collect that piece of information or work I cannot do myself? How do I offer this piece to other people? How can I grow my business in this changing world? Where can I go to fulfill my dreams?

We welcome you to Worcreate!


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