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We need people like you: thinkers, dreamers and creators. People who newly define the definition of progress. People who materialize there vision. Not just talking, but creating.

Offer and find Services and let start Working to Create!

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The student provides the stable, affordable base and fresh new insides on the platform. The student bridges the gap between the learning world and the corporate world, where they will echo the good word of Worcreate. Every student has the chance to become the greatest thinker and creator of his or her time. At Worcreate you will find the last push into the right direction, the right means, the right friends and colleagues to achieve greatness. Boost your career!


The professional is someone who is standing strong, with both legs, in the corporate world. Armed with the ambition to grow. Influence in the market is key. The customer of tomorrow demands more and more differentiation in products and services and demands more and more of the experienced thinker. The professional is capable of working together with other knowledgeable people and he or she strives to grow his or her network, in order to level up oneself and his fellow man.


The Master is the absolute knowledge beacon. If anybody knows it, its the Master. Through striving and sheer willpower, the master, with his/her experience, concurred the market and created a strong, acknowledged foothold. Show the world what you can do and help others to thrive with you. Are you the Master of skill and knowledge?

Personal Dashboard

Easily keep track of your progress with your personal dashboard. Manage and see your number of listings, see the number of people visiting your listings, or respond directly on a customer with the chat function. With your personal dashboard, you are in control!

Direct Message

Get in touch fast and easy with the direct message function. Make an appointment or ask a question. With the direct message function, you are always in touch with people around the world, offering help or in need of help. Get in touch, anywhere, anytime.

Let your results speak for itself!

Skill Gears

Why do we cling to previous privileges and degrees, where as we know that most successful people do things you cannot learn in school? Let your results prove what you can do. Set your skill level with the Skill Gears and let the market reflect if you are worthy. Adjust though time and become the master of skill, in your field of expertise!

Star Rating

Learning implies making mistakes and learning form them. Let the market reflect on your work and grow your customers satisfaction rates. If you set low expectations with the skillgears, chances are higher of getting a better Star Rating. Set the Skill Gears to high and your customers will expect more that you can offer. Find the right balance and grow!

Verified Service

With a Verified Service you can show the rest of the world that you mean business. The badge shows that you have proven your worth to the Worcreate community and that you know what you are talking about. It is a token of guarantee, that this Service meets the Worcreate standards. 

Promote your Service!

With a little help of the Worcreate algorithm…..

Boost your Service to the top and let more people enjoy your splendidly designed Service page.



  • 1 Personalized Service listing
  • Personal dashboard
  • Direct message
  • Upload up to 8 pictures


  • Everything in the Student package, plus:
  • Upload a video
  • Upload a PDF file
  • Listing is verifiable


25 Monthly
  • Everything in the Professional package, plus:
  • 1 additional Service listing (2 total)
  • Featured on multiple pages
  • Discount for events and talks


Students still have to learn. We are not just talking about people who are studying on a contemporary institutionalized school or university system. It could very well be that you want to make work from your hobby. or you want to make a career switch. You still need to learn to get the feel of it and determine how the market is going to react what you have to offer. Explore the possibilities. We want to stimulate you to try new things and learn, for free. When you know enough, and the market is ready for you, you can call yourself a professional. You can easily switch your account later on.

We introduced the Skill Gears to get rid of the old ways of showing level through degree and titles. The only way of proving you are worthy of a title, is through showing what you can do with your knowledge and skill. Nowadays more and more people call themselves all sorts of things and make up fancy titles. But we know for a fact, more often than not, that this does not say a damn thing about the value one will and can create for society. Set your Skill level and let the market reflect.


*            Still studying to get the feel of it.

**          Basic knowledge, ready to work and learn.

***        Average knowledge with some experience.

****      Plenty of experience on a professional level with proven results.

*****    Absolute specialist with unparalleled results.


See your Service on Worcreate as your portfolio. You show the rest of the world what you can do. The more you help people, the more the market will reflect. You earn your stripes and can have a lot of fun in the meantime. You can build your career and manage your work. Besides that you can meet new people with the same mindset as you.

Maybe you want to start your own business and start to work for yourself, but you still need the stability of a normal job. On Worcreate you can start of slowly, maybe one day a week offering your services. Get a feel of what the market things of you and your service. And after some time you could begin working more and more for yourself.

Or maybe you are a well profound, established business and you want to widen your reach. With a Service on Worcreate you can reach people and other business worldwide. Start offering your Service and meet new people to create awesome stuff!

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