Tag: Engineering

Nov 09
Welding guidelines

Guidelines for welding. Weld thickness, wire diameter, weld speed, current, voltage,…

Nov 02
Engineering sheet: Sheet metal bending guidelines

Table with guidelines for sheet metal bending (S235, S355, Stainless, Aluminum)

Oct 26
Material properties: Common metals

Table with (mechanical) properties of common metals

Oct 15
Hydraulic calculation: Cylinder speed

Theoretical background and examples for calculating the speed and stroke time of a…

Oct 14
Engineering sheet: Standard hollow section sizes

Table with standard hollow section sizes for square and rectangular hollow sections.

Oct 14
Engineering sheet: CNC tube bending table

Bending table for determining radius and clamp length for tubes and beams.

Oct 12
Engineering sheet: Thread sizes

Data sheet to convert thread sizes

Oct 12
Hydraulic calculation: Cylinder force

Theoretical background and examples for calculating the force of a hydraulic cylinder.